Manual "Welcome to Krapowa"

The goal of the simulation game „Welcome to Krapowa“ is to find and discuss ideas for sustainable development on the local level and to strengthen the self-efficacy and negotiation skills of the participants. The manual covers a description of the… Read more

Data protection

On May 25th the General Data Protection Ragulation (GDPR) came into power within the EU. We also collect and save personal data within the context of our project work and want to inform you about our privacy policy. Read more

Methological handbook "Historie Croisée"

[EN] The second edition of "Historie Croisée as a perspective for non-formal education - a methological handbook" is ready! The handbook was originally written by participants of German-Polish and German-Greek encounters during the project Entangled… Read more

Perspective: Inclusion

Our publication "Perspective: Inclusion. Language and communication in international inclusive education. Methods, guidelines, impulses" refers to language and communication from an inclusive perspective. It is intended for youth workers, special… Read more

Europe under Construction: Poetry Slam Competition

We invite people living in Poland or Germany to develop a new vision for Europe together with us. What would you like to change? What has to be done? In which kind of Europe do you want to live? Participate in our poetry slam competition and tell us… Read more
Theme of the year

Topic of the years 2016–2017: Europe under construction

Our theme this year „Europa w budowie – Europe under construction – Baustelle Europa” poses the question: What is the current state of the European project? How stable are the fundamental common values such as the spirit of reconciliation and the… Read more
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