Neue Lernvideos über Menschenrechte

08.12.2023  |  learning materials

Watch the animated videos on reproductive rights, climate change and decolonisation.

They can be used in school lessons as well as in non-formal education.

They were created as part of the collection of materials "JustNow - A Toolbox for Teaching Human Rights", which is available at There you will find a range of free interactive educational materials. New ones will be added soon.

These are the three educational videos that you can already watch and use:

1. Reproductive rights
What are reproductive rights?  What are the only two countries in the European Union where abortion on request is not permitted? What is the situation worldwide?

Watch the video:

2. Climate change and environmental pollution
What does climate change mean? What are its consequences? What can be done to mitigate them?

Watch the video:

3. Decolonisation
What is colonisation? What are its consequences? Why is decolonisation necessary?

Watch the video:

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