The results of the survey "Digital 100% Erasmus+"

25.03.2021  |  Other

Together with fellow German organisations active in the international youth work we collected arguments to demand full funding of digital activities.

In the current pandemic, European mobilities such as youth exchanges, seminars and training courses are hardly possible. In 2020, hopes were high that postponing the activities to the summer of 2021 would be sufficient. Many organisations responded quickly by creating digital alternatives. The National Agencies of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme supported them until June 2020 with very flexible funding solutions. In June 2020, however, the European Commission decided that the programme would only fund digital alternatives at 35% of the funding rates for youth exchanges and 15% for training courses. This decision is diametrically opposed to the experience of organisations that are implementing digital programmes of high quality. Practice shows, that after all, digital or hybrid usually means higher cost than face-to-face meetings.

In this context, four organisations from different regions in Germany have joined forces with the AdB Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten e. V. and surveyed the cost structure of digital alternatives. 40 organisations from all over Germany participated in the survey. You can download the results here.

The document also serves as a template for sending the study to MPs and decision-makers in your constituency.
We appeal to you to join us in advocating for the European Youth Work not to perish in 2021 by reversing the cut in the funding structure of digital replacement measures for activities already approved under the old financial framework; and by anchoring the funding of pedagogically demanding digital and hybrid measures in the new Erasmus+ programme on an equal footing with face-to-face meetings.