Wszystkie ręce na pokład! Podręcznik do edukacji na rzecz transformacji społeczno-ekologicznej

Handbook with methods for the social-ecological transformation:
"Wszystkie ręce na pokład! Podręcznik do edukacji na rzecz transformacji społeczno-ekologicznej"

This Polish-language handbook includes 22 methods from Education for Sustainable Development, Transformative Learning and Degrowth Education. These were tested, discussed and refined in the German-Polish training modules of "Courage to Change, Courage to Act". Following the steps "recognize, assess, act", the publication proposes methods for different learning objectives that are suitable for working with both teenagers and adults. Many of the methods address core socio-ecological concerns such as growth critique, sustainability strategies, and social justice; others can be easily adapted to other thematic focuses and can thus provide socio-ecological impulses to new target groups. The selection of the published methods was done with regard to the needs of (non-formal) educators in Poland and in German-Polish exchange.

The handbook is the result of the project "Courage to Change, Courage to Act", which we implemented from 2018 to 2021 together with seven partner organisations from Poland and Germany. The publication was made possible thanks to funding from the German Federal Environmental Foundation, the German-Polish Youth Office and the Böll Foundation Warsaw.

On request we will gladly send you a print copy. The handbook and the collection of additional materials are also available free of charge here: 

Download the digital version of the handbook in low resolution (in Polish) (14 MB).
Download the digital version of the handbook in high resolution (in Polish) (60 MB).

Czech language version

Selected methods from the Polish language handbook, adapted to the Czech context

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