Anniversary events

30 Years of Mutual Understanding in Europe – Work in Progress

We would like to celebrate as diversely as our work has been for the past 30 years. So we have planned big and small events for everyone.

Have a look at the events listed below and see you there!

Partnerlab, 15th-16th August 2019


The PartnerLab “Courage to change, courage to act” will bring together 25 people with whom we have been working closely together over the last couple of years in our three areas of expertise Inclusion, Contemporary History & Human Rights as well as Social-Ecological Transformation. It will be a participatory format:

  • to meet inspiring people from our international network,
  • learn about each other’s work and exchange experience,
  • and develop new ideas for our projects.

Our topic of the year “Courage to change, courage to act” sets the tone: All over Europe and in Western democracies, we witness growing tendencies of exclusion, racism and nationalism. 30 years after the democratic revolution in Central and Eastern Europe, the future of the European project is far from certain. With our projects, we want to encourage people to engage in dialogue, actively shape their environment and create solidary, pluralist and democratic societies. Let’s do it together!

Summer celebration, 17th August 2019


Venue: Martin-Niemöller-Haus, Pacelliallee 61, 14195 Berlin, Germany

The summer celebration is the highlight of the anniversary year. We are looking forward to meeting our members, friends, funders, and partners from our international network. We have prepared various activities for children and grown-ups alike:

From 12 pm: Cosy reception: Picnic and varied activities for children – Everybody is welcome. We will appreciate if you bring a contribution to our shared buffet.

2 pm: Welcome Address

Following “30 Years of Mutual Understanding in Europe – Work in Progress”: thought-provoking and interactive activities for young and old alike. We are celebrating with members, friends, funders, and partners.

4.30 pm: Summer buffet

6 pm: impro à la turka improvisational theatre

7.30 pm: Two Times Twice – concert

Rounding off the evening in a cosy atmosphere.

We are looking forward to seeing you in large numbers!

Krzyżowa Yesterday and Today – Intergenerational Dialogue, 21st September 2019


Venue: International Alumni Centre, Linienstr. 65a, 10119 Berlin, Germany
Start: 5.30 pm

Intergenerational discussions about the establishment of Krzyżowa, present-day challenges, and new perspectives for Krzyżowa as a place where Germans and Poles encounter each other.

Trip to Krzyżowa, 26th-29th September 2019


German-Polish (family) stories, September to December 2019


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