The jubilee year 2019

What are we celebrating?

Kreisau-Initiative has been committed to a diverse, open, and democratic society for 30 years now. We are using our anniversary as an opportunity to look back at our varied history and to look forward to the future.

The Kreisau-Initiative was founded in 1989 by East and West Berliners in order to support the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa, Poland. Since then, we have been organising international and inclusive youth encounters, workshops, training courses, and conferences for different target groups. We bring people with different backgrounds in a dialogue.

How are we celebrating?

We want to celebrate as diverse as our work is! Throughout the year, we are inviting you to get involved and get active in different events. Furthermore, we are going to present the most important occurrences and people that left their indelible mark on our association (scheduled for August), as well as hold onto memories in a publication (going to come out in July). This way, we want to create space for talking about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Who are we celebrating with?

The lifeblood of our association are people that support and form it.

Thanks to supporting from many people, organisations, institutions, and sponsors, we have been inviting people from all over the world to meet in such an exceptional place as Krzyżowa, to learn together, and to take responsibility for our society for 30 years now. With our jubilee festivities, we would like to thank them for their support.

Celebrate with us 30 years of commitment to a diverse, open, and democratic society!

Our jubilee activities are co-financed by:

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