Songs of Generations




The German-Polish project "Songs of Generations" brought together people from different generations, enabling them to communicate and cooperate, discovering similarities besides the overwhelming differences of "nation" and "age".

Music makes fun, connects people and enables to communicate without words. Melodies very often represent the time in which they have been written. Some of them are heavily connected with political movements or epochs, sometimes they are like a hymn for a certain time. Everyone of us has our own favourite song. Music contains many contexts and sub-contexts. Consequently, music plays an important role in everyone's life, irrespective from age. The topic of the workshop "Songs of Generations" was dedicated to the role of music in society and in participants' biographies.

During the workshop participants were invited to discuss the meaning of music in their personal lives and sharing memories of different melodies, which are connected to their own biography. They also dealt with the role of music as a medium of social protest, change and opposition against totalitarian regimes. The programme contained many different workshops and methods, e.g. "Musical Life Line", a workshop on Adultism and Ageism, or interactive discussion of the terms"generations" and "intergenerational dialogue". Everyone had the chance to engage in the workshops as the selected methods of non-formal education heavily rely on active participation. This enabled real international and intergenerational dialogue.

Partners and Sponsors

Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding, Poland

Co-financed by:

German-Polish Youth Office

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