DPJW Lighthouse

With the help of the lighthouse project, we want to further develop our program area of socio-ecological transformation and education for sustainable development while at the same time intensifying its German-Polish links.

Within one year, existing contacts will be deepened and new ones established, methods and opportunities for the practical implementation of thematic educational offers will be tested, and knowledge and experience will be shared. We want to get to know and exploit our potential and that of our partners better through external professional support. The aim is to build an even stronger, sustainable network around our program area socio-ecological transformation.

Project activities

1. An external process facilitator coordinates the process of analysing and critically reflecting on what we have offered so far and advises us and our closest partner organisations in German-Polish youth exchange on the further development of our offers, also with a view to the use of digital possibilities.

2. An externally moderated networking event with partners serves as an activating "kick-off event" and starting point for follow-up activities.

3) Mutual visits of actors in the German-Polish network enables professional development and networking of educational actors and project implementers in the field of education for sustainable development and socio-ecological transformation.

4. A qualification offer invites all network actors to further develop their skills, based on the needs analysis at the kick-off event.


German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW) within the framework of the Lighthouse Programme

More about the DPJW Lighthouse Programme

The Lighthouses Programme of the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW) was created with the aim of supporting youth organisations, associations, educational institutions and training centres from Germany and Poland during the pandemic. Thanks to DPJW funding, they realise projects for international youth exchange and thus maintain and develop networks. They inform, market, train and advise anyone who wants to organise German-Polish youth encounters online or in person. A total of 35 institutions from both countries are participating in the programme and will implement their actions until the end of 2022.

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