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"Local in Global" is a training for youth workers, activists, trainers and educators from rural areas in the field of sustainable development.

Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, there is a great need for sustainable development of structurally weak rural areas. Lack of social and economic infrastructure, demographic change, ecological problems, and in general, little perspectives for younger people reinforce each other and call for innovative, sustainable solutions on a local level. The main aim of the project is to empower local initiatives in constructing and implementing such solutions.

In the past, we have successfully experimented with simulation games as a method of education for sustainable development. Now, we would like to widen the range of application towards more target groups and topics. The custom-designed simulation game "Krapowa" foresees a scenario where participants represent civil society actors in a small town undergoing structural changes. There are different challenges posed to the actors, which the participants have to address. During the training, the participants learn to apply the simulation game to their respective target group. It also includes workshops on practical skills such as fundraising or campaign management.

In 2021, there will be first ever Local in Global Forum. The event will be a brilliant opportunity for non-formal education actors to engage in an fruitful exchange will others active in the field of education for sustainable development in rural areas.

Partners and Sponsors

Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding, Poland
Liceum Towarzystwa Ewangelickiego Cieszyn (Poland)
Millennium FER, Armenia
Association for Democratic Education FAR, Bulgaria
EcoVisio, Moldova
Youth NGO Iskra, Ukraine

Co-financed by:

EU programme Erasmus+

Welcome to Krapowa – Manual
A simulation game on sustainable development

The goal of the simulation game ”Welcome to Krapowa“ is to find and discuss ideas for sustainable development on the local level and to strengthen the self-efficacy and negotiation skills of the participants. The manual covers a description of the simulation game created in the "Local in Global" project as well as revised and new materials. You can download it for free here.

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