Let's not WASTE the planet!




"Let's not WASTE the planet!" is a trinational cycle of youth meetings for young acitivists in the fields of climate justice and environmental protection. 

The project "Let's not WASTE the planet!" aims to encourage young activists in the field of climate and environmental protection to strengthen their commitment, improve their skills and connect them across borders. This happens exemplarily by means of the topics waste avoidance, consumer behaviour and (over)use of resources. This is of great relevance to the lives of young people, and at the same time is closely linked to the dramatic problems of waste, pollution and destruction of basic functions of our ecosystem - all this embedded in the systemic context of the current climate emergency.

"Let's not WASTE the planet!” consciously addresses not only the level of individual behaviour but also encourages participants to think and act responsibly beyond their own immediate living environment - even beyond national borders. To this end, the project makes use of methods from Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the innovative approach of Transformative Learning, which focuses in particular on the systemic level.

The core of the project are three one-week youth encounters in Germany, Poland and France. The project weeks each have a methodological and thematic focus and build on each other.

Project goals

  • Cross-border networking and encounter among young activists from Germany, France and Poland
  • Empowering through acquisition and deepening of relevant competences for environmental and societal commitment
  • Raising awareness of environmentally sound behaviour, especially in the context of waste prevention and resource protection
  • Strengthening intercultural competence and awareness of diversity
  • Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular goals 4 - quality education, 12 - responsible consumption and production and goal 13 - Climate action


Fundacja EkoRozwoju, Breslau (PL)
Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand, Nizza (FR)


Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) in the framework of "Der Planet in deinen Händen"
Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

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Series of youth meetings for participants from France, Poland and Germany

What and when:
Three youth meetings between May 2022 and April 2023
For whom:
Young (future) activists aged 18-26, living in FR, PL, DE
Exchange of experiences, project work, learning new skills, excursions, intercultural exchange, etc.
Languages: German, French and Polish (interpretation provided)

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