Fit for Mobility




Project description and objectives

"Fit for Mobility is a 7-day youth exchange. Participants try to answer the question what mobility means to them. Is it just a concept of physical matter and is it something else? Or is it also related to the human psyche? What makes some people more mobile than the others? During workshops about mobility as well as during movement workshops (e.g. improvisation dance or acrobatics) young people have the opportunity to look at and work on their barriers in bodies and heads. Or maybe even break them down?

In addition, participants receive information about opportunities for shorter or longer stays abroad for young people as part of workcamps, internships or volunteering.


We worked with the following institutions within the „Fit for Mobility“ project between 2016 and 2020:

Gebrüder-Montgolfier-Gymnasium, Berlin, Germany

StadtRand gemeinnützige Gesellschaft für integrierende soziale Arbeit, Berlin, Germany

Zespół Szkół im. gen. Sylwestra Kaliskiego, Góra, Poland

Fundacja Aktywności Lokalnej, Puszczykowo, Poland

Colegiul Naţional "Samuel von Brukenthal", Sibiu, Romania

Centrul Scolar de Educatie Incluziva Nr.2, Sibiu, Romania

Deutsch-Russischer Austausch e.V., St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg Affiliate of All Russia Association of the Blind, St Petersburg, Russia


The „Fit for Mobility“ project is co-financed by the European Union's Erasmus+ programme.


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