My History – Your History




What does the EU-enlargement look like in Polish and German school books? How much do German students know about Polish Solidarność and Polish students about the fall of Berlin wall? What does a young Pole know about the EU perception in the new German federal states? What have German students heard of the history of Polish borders?

During "My History – Your History" participants look for answers to these and many other questions.

History and its influence on contemporary times are presented in different ways in German and Polish manuals, media and pop-culture. Things of great importance for the one side are hardly known to the other. What you find in history books and media about the history of your neighbouring countries gives only an incomplete picture of its past and presence.

During "My History – Your History" high school students discuss different perspectives and analyze stereotypical pictures connected to the neighbouring country. They investigate history not only from their national perspectives but put it in a European and global context. Apart from the historical part, the project offers space for integration, intercultural exchange and personal communication.

Partners and Sponsors

Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding, Poland

Co-financed by:

German-Polish Youth Office
Sächsisches Staatsministerium des Innern

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