Bühne frei




„Bühne frei für Empowerment“ ("Clear the stage for empowerment") in an innovative way combines the approaches of empowerment, trauma-pedagogy, children's rights and improvisational theatre. Thanks to this, the approach is very participatory, inclusive and motivating.

During the project we also focus on the general standards of non-formal education, such as: a voluntary nature, process-orientation, holism, iclusion, participation, learner-centred and based on collective and individual learning.

Aims of the project

The approach tries to connect intercultural learning, democracy and tolerance education, civic education, anti-bias and human rights work. The method of improvisational theatre improves self-reflection, dealing with different moral concepts and ways of communication.

Modules of the project

The project consists of four modules, starting from learning-by-looking and leading towards the preparation of own workshops within the field of participants and outside. The last meeting will be a supervision of the projects already planned and carried out by the participants themselves.

project leaflet

more about the project (in german)

Partners and Sponsors

VIA Bayern - Verband für Interkulturelle Arbeit e.V.

Impro á la Turka

The project is co-financed by Bundesprogramm „Demokratie leben!“ of the german Federal Ministry for family, seniors, women and youth.

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