Worldwide, a number of institutions campaign for Krzyżowa as a European meeting place. For an easier orientation we present the most important members of this network.

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding (Fundacja „Krzyżowa” dla Porozumienia Europejskiego) is now the owner of the former Kreisau estate and runs an international youth community center, a memorial center and a European Academy. The Foundation emerged from an international citizens’ movement that first came together in June 1989 in the city of Wrocław at the invitation of the "Club of the Catholic Intelligentsia" (KIK). At the end of the conference the thirty participants sent a letter to the Polish Foreign Minister asking him to promote their cause – the founding of an international community centre and a memorial to the European resistance movement – in governmental talks between Poland and Germany.

The Freya von Moltke Foundation for the New Kreisau (Freya von Moltke-Stiftung für das Neue Kreisau) was established in 2004 by citizens from many nations, including Germany, the United States and Great Britain who cared about the values of the Kreisau Circle and sought to ensure its legacy. The goal was to maintain its memory but also to spread its values in the time we are living in. The Freya von Moltke Foundation, a non-profit organization located in Berlin, is neither politically affiliated nor administered by governmental agencies. Revenues of the capital stock of the Foundation directly support the work of the New Kreisau. This work includes educational projects of the New Kreisau and preservation and maintenance costs of the New Kreisau facilities.

The Kreisau-Initiative e. V. Würzburg. was founded in spring of 1994 in order to preserve the memory of the Kreisau Circle and resistance to Hitler, especially in Franconia. The organization works towards this end by setting up events locally and organizing visits to Krzyżowa. 


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