(Hi)Storytelling: My History, Your History, Our History – Results and Lessons Learned from a German-Polish-Ukrainian Online BarCamp

The handbook is an outcome of the online BarCamp we organised in July 2020 in cooperation with the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe and the Freya von Moltke Stiftung. We invited educators from Germany, Poland, and Ukraine to share they experiences, knowledge and insights an digital historical and civic education.

In this handbook, you will:
- receive some advice on how to organise an online BarCamp and other online events,
- learn about the current challenges of historical and civic education,
- find a collection of energizers and warm-ups for digital events.

The title is available for free. Download your copy here.

We thank the Rotary International for funding the BarCamp and the handbook.

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