Dr. Klaus Pumberger


Klaus Pumberger studied political sciences and history in Salzburg, Innsbruck and Warsaw. He wrote his PhD dissertation about "Solidarity on Strike. Political crisis, social protest and the question of power in Poland 1980/81". Since 2002, he has been working as a personnel developer, recruiter and intern management coach in Vienna. He is currently the head of the interdisciplinary European academy "Akademie an der Grenze" (Border Academy). He has also worked as a project leader for the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw as well as for the Hans Böckler Foundation in Frankfurt/ Main and Brussels. He has collaborated with the Kreisau-Initiative within the project "Reconciliation in Europe" (2010). In the fall of 2015, his book "Worüber wir nicht geredet haben. Arisierung, Verdrängung, Widerstand. Ein Haus und die Geschichte zweier Familien" came out.