Call for applications

Activists against Xenocide 2016/2017

Professionals of non-formal education (18 years upwards) from Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Poland and United Kingdom who are interested in the topic of migration and escape today and in the past and want to learn methods (film and photography)... Read more
Call for applications

Training course on inclusive youth work

Teachers, multiplieres and youth workers from Germany, Poland, Greece and Lithuania can apply for our international training course on inclusive youth work with a focus on sport and dance education. The application deadline is June 24th. Read more

Newsletter 1/2016

Our first newsletter in 2016 is online. We report, among others, on our theme for this year „Europa w budowie – Europe under construction – Baustelle Europa” and on the last projects. Read more
Call for applications

Training Once upon today in... Europe

Für das internationale Training Once upon today... in Europe suchen wir noch Teilnehmer*innen aus Deutschland (Wohnsitz). Das Projekt richtet sich an Fachkräfte der Jugendarbeit aus Estland, Deutschland, Moldau, Polen, Rumänien und der Ukraine. Read more
Call for applications

Actors of Transition

Actors of Transition – Spreading Sustainability in Europe is a four-step qualification course for change-makers in the field of sustainability and post-growth for enthusiastic activists and multipliers that are willing to take an active role in their... Read more

Erinnerungsgespräch zum Werk von Ludwig Mehlhorn

Am 15. Januar fand in der Berliner Buchhandlung buch|bund auf Einladung des deutsch-polnischen Magazins DIALOG ein Erinnerungsgespräch zum Leben und Werk von Ludwig Mehlhorn statt. Anlass war die Veröffentlichung des polnischen Textbandes "Europejski... Read more
Call for applications

Local in Global: 26.02.-04.03.2016, Krzyżowa

Local in Global is a training for youth workers, activists, trainers and multipliers from rural areas in the field of sustainable development. The main aim of the project is to empower local initiatives in constructing and implementing sustainable... Read more
Topic of the year

Topic of the years 2016–2017: Europe under construction

Our theme this year „Europa w budowie – Europe under construction – Baustelle Europa” poses the question: What is the current state of the European project? How stable are the fundamental common values such as the spirit of reconciliation and the... Read more