Looking for a German-English translator

29.08.2022  |  Job offers

We are looking for a translator who can translate educational materials related to human rights and Europe from English into German.

What is the expected scope of the translation work

Within the "Depolarisation Activism for Resilient Europe" (DARE) project, we are creating the following educational materials that should afterwards be translated into the German language:

(Note: 1 card of text is estimated as 1500 characters or 400 words)

  • DARE to Care activist interview feature videos (10 videos x ~6 minutes, estimated 60 minutes total, subtitles – transcription will be delivered) = estimated total 40 cards of text
  • Modern Challenges Animated Videos (10 videos x ~4 minutes, estimated 40 minutes total of narration, subtitles – transcription will be delivered) = estimated total 20 cards of text
  • European Values timeline cards set (~50 cards, est. 6000 words) = 15 cards of text
  • Radicalisation Awareness Training material (20 pages of text, est. 10000 words) = 25 cards of text
  • Educator's Guide to Depolarization guide (50 pages of text, est. 20,000 words) = 50 cards of text
  • European Values lesson plan (3 - 4 pages of text, est. 1500 words) =4 cards of text
  • Modern Challenges, 10 lesson plans (10 x 3 pages of text, est. 15000 words) = 40 cards of text
  • DARE to Care, 10 lesson plans (10 x 3 pages of text, est. 15000 words) = 40 cards of text
  • Website pages translation + project materials (20 pages, est. 8000 words) = 20 cards of text

Total estimated translation need: ~255 cards of text, about 380.000 characters

Who are we looking for

Essential qualifications/experience:

  • Master’s degree in translation and/or English language;
  • minimum 5 years of experience in translating from English into German;
  • previous experience with translation of (non-formal) educational materials and content.


  • experience in subtitling;
  • experience in translating documents and online resources, especially related to EU-funded projects in the following areas: civic education, human rights;
  • experience in translating different documents' formats (Word documents, Excel files, HTML code etc.).

We are looking for committed translation professionals that want to contribute to the quality of our project by translating our educational materials into the German language, taking special care to adapt the spirit of the content to the German context and culture.

Timeline of the assignment

We expect that all the educational materials will be completed in the English language and ready for translation by 15th October 2022. It is expected that the translator will deliver all the translated educational materials by 30th December 2022.

Instruction for applications

  • Interested freelancers (no translation agencies!) are requested to send their applications to the email somun@kreisau.de by 11th September 2022;
  • The application needs to contain the following elements:
    • your CV;
    • your rate per standard line (55 characters including spaces) of the source text. Please let us know if there will be VAT added to your price and what your preferred mode of payment (through invoice; service/author contract etc.) is.
    • free sample translation of one paragraph (description of the project) – 1.120 characters. This is to ascertain the translator's approach and quality of work, given the DARE project content areas. You can download the file with the text here.

Criteria for selection

The project team will select the translator taking into account the following criteria:

  • previous experience and qualifications;
  • quality of the translated paragraph (project description);
  • price for the translation.

All the applications will receive confirmation emails within 48 hours. For any questions, please write to Kerim Somun via e-mail at somun@kreisau.de by 9th September 2022 (We will not respond to inquiries sent after this date.)

Once the recruitment period ends, Kreisau-Initiative will evaluate the applications and will notify the candidates if they have been selected or not and to give further instructions in order to start the collaboration. Please note that we will not be able to enter into correspondence with candidates who are unsuccessful as to the reasons why their applications were not retained. This call does not represent a legal commitment by Kreisau-Initiative to request any particular service or services from any applicant. The call may be cancelled, re-issued, or extended by Kreisau-Initiative for any reason.

We are looking forward to your offers!

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