Training "Infinite growth on a finite planet? - The ecological boundaries of the earth"

07.02.2020  |  Call for applications

Are you a multiplier or a trainer from non-formal education or a teacher? Are you interested in questions and methods of how to act sustainable, the future of the planet, and global distribution issues? Then join our training!

In this training we are going to deal with following questions:

  • How is the planet doing? - Diagnosis and responsibility
  • What has led to today's state of the planet? - Historical and theoretical background
  • How do we get out of this? - A critical look at various paths

The seminar is going to take place from October 27th to 31st 2018 in Krzyżowa, Poland.

Costs: Solidarity structure of 60-100 € (Germany)/400-600 PLN (Poland) covering accommodation, meals and programme.

Language: English, German and Polish; basic English is mandatory, translation between German and Polish is guarantee.

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