Kreisau-Initiative has a new executive director

29.03.2023  |  Other

In the middle of March, Richard Roewer started as the new executive director of the Kreisau-Initiative.

Richard Roewer

Richard Roewer has dedicated his professional life to promoting democracy. He spent several years at the Leibniz Institute for Global and Regional Studies in Hamburg and at the University of Oxford researching the emergence of pro-democracy parties in authoritarian state systems and also wrote his doctorate on this topic. Following the guiding principle "theory needs practice", he organised a political education programme for junior politicians, coordinated knowledge transfer events, and advocated on behalf of members of the opposition in Myanmar, where he lived for several years.
Richard first learned about the Kreisau-Initiative through the Model International Criminal Court (MICC) programme, for which he worked for several years. Krzyżowa / Kreisau left a lasting impression on him as a "lively place of exchange for young people from Europe, but also as a place for addressing the important questions of our shared history and present". For Richard, the work of the Kreisau-Initiative is not only about providing opportunities for education but about a mutual process of learning that “enables us to strengthen democratic values together with young people". Courage is the central value for Richard, because courage is crucial for finding solutions together.

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