„JustNow – A Toolbox for Teaching Human Rights 2.0“ – Es entstehen neue Materialien für Menschenrechtsbildung


The JustNow learning and teaching platform offers activity plans, exercises and timelines, as well as audiovisual content such as short animation movies which will help young people learn about human rights, diversity, basic democratic values and the rule of law independently or with the help of an educator. Soon the platform will expand to include more materials.

Successfully launched in 2018, the toolbox (www.teachjustnow.eu) will be expanded to include a range of animation movies, timelines, podcasts as well as lesson and activity plans for blended learning. The new materials will be available on a "JustNow 2.0" website.

For developing the materials, we have joined forces with:
- the Croatian Education and Development Network for the Evolution of Communication (HERMES), Croatia
- the International Association for Intercultural Education, Netherlands,
- the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Poland.

The co-operation is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership and co-financed by the European Union programme Erasmus+.

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