Call for participants for a German-Polish-Armenian-Moldovan youth exchange

04.05.2022  |  Call for applications

Join "Local in Global: Time for change!" – a youth exchange on sustainability and regeneration taking place from 19th to 25th June 2022 in Krzyżowa, Poland!

“Local in Global: Time for change!” is a week-long international youth encounter that explores the concepts of sustainability and regeneration. Participants will get an opportunity to understand better the concepts of sustainability and regeneration on the global level and develop strategies on how these concepts can be used in practice on a local level. Moreover, participants will explore societal issues that we are facing in our modern society and the need to address these issues mindfully.
Besides acquiring new knowledge, an essential part of this project consists of meeting and interacting with new peers from four European countries.

We will actively engage our brains, hearts and bodies in the learning process. For that, we will be using a variety of methods such as team building and cooperation games, discussions, reflections, nature connection activities, multimedia (e.g. videos, film, images), strategic thinking, an excursion to good-practice examples and talking to change-makers.

The goal of “Local in Global: Time for Change!” is to empower participants in a safe learning environment to shape their lives in a sustainable way effectively. More specifically, the participants shall:

  • acquire a deeper understanding of the concepts of sustainability and regeneration,
  • develop own ideas for applying sustainability and regeneration in their local communities.

We are looking for six teenagers (aged 15-18) and one adult group leader from Poland. Other groups are already registered.
Requirements for participation interest in sustainability, regeneration, societal issues and environmental topics, ability to communicate in English and residency in Armenia, Germany, Moldova, or Poland. The nationality is irrelevant.

Place: International Youth Meeting Center Kreisau/Krzyżowa, Poland

Time: 19th – 25th June 2022

There is a participation fee per person which includes full-board accommodation and programme:
Germany: 120€  
Moldova: 15€
Armenia: 15€
Poland: 60€ 

Additionally, it is possible to refund travel expenses up to the following maximum amount:
Germany: 180 €  
Moldova: 275 €
Armenia: 360 €
Poland: 180 €

Please note that only actual expenses will be reimbursed. Details will be shared upon registration.

Safety rules regarding the pandemic:
We are keen on offering you an exchange on-site. However, if needed, we will adapt our concept to ensure a safe experience for all participants and the team. This includes a set of safety measures, such as Covid-19 testing before arrival, regular testing during the meeting and mask-wearing and/or distancing. Details will be shared in due time, taking the latest developments into account.

We wish to reduce the ecological footprint of the event. That is why we ask participants to pool together and travel by bus or train, as far as possible. We can assist you with directions.

If you are interested, please contact:
Johannes Huth
huth [at]
+49 (0)30 53 89 31 63 65

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