How to educate for socio-ecological transformation? Needs and perspectives in the network of the Kreisau-Intiative

03.08.2022  |  Call for applications

Join the networking event and shape the education for socio-ecological transformation!

Date: 16.09.-18.09.2022

Place: Berlin, venue: LIANE, Karl-Marx-Str. 17, 12043 Berlin

The Kreisau-Initiative invites its already existing and new partners to come together to critically reflect on the needs in the field of education for sustainable development and ways in which we can meet these needs in future projects by including a perspective for the use of digital possibilities. 

In this event, you have an opportunity to reflect on your experience working within the field of education for sustainable development, engage in the analysis of the needs within that field, and generate ideas on how these needs could be met in future projects. Furthermore, you will get an opportunity to strengthen already existing contacts within our network as well as to establish new contacts while testing methods and approaches for the practice-oriented education for sustainable development and exchanging knowledge and experiences around that topic. 

Moreover, participation in this event opens the possibility for your future engagement in a form of mutual visits of educators and project coordinators in the German-Polish network. These visits enable further professional development and networking in the field of education for sustainable development and socio-ecological transformation. Finally, your participation in this event will open a possibility to participate in the capacity-building workshop that will be based on the outcomes of the needs analysis done during the networking event.

The training is for you if:

  • you have experience working within the field of education for sustainable development and socio-ecological transformation,
  • if you are eager to engage in the exchange of your experience and knowledge within that field and to expand your skills and knowledge,
  • are currently living in Germany or Poland.


16.09.2022 Arrival
17:00 – Welcome and getting to know each other
18:30 – Dinner

08.00 – 09.30 Breakfast
09.30 – 13.00 Education for Sustainable Development: Needs analysis
13.00 – 15.00 Lunch break 
15.00 – 18.30 Education for Sustainable Development: Future Perspectives
18.30 – Dinner

08.00 – 09.30 Breakfast


The event will be facilitated in English with a simultaneous translation into Polish and German (if needed).


No participation fee for this event will be charged. Food and accommodation are included in the event. Travel costs can be reimbursed up to 100 € per person. 


Iva Bubalo holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Zagreb and a master's degree in Gender Studies from the Central European University. Iva has over ten years of experience working in the field of non-formal education both as a coordinator and a facilitator of workshops and seminars for children, young people and adults with a focus on topics such as gender equality, inclusion, diversity, sustainability and psychosocial development. Iva has been trained in mindfulness practices in nature and is a certified yoga teacher. She is passionate about shaping the world in which leadership and transformation are based on the principles of wisdom, humility and service to the community and in which young people have equal opportunities to fulfil their purpose in life for the benefit of the human and more-than-human world.

Second trainer TBC


Please fill in the application form by 5.9.2022. The participants will be selected on the basis of motivation. You will be informed by 8.9.2022 about your participation and will then accordingly receive more details.

Contact information:

Iva Bubalo, bubalo [at]


The event is funded by German-Polish Youth Office within the framework of the Lighthouse Programme.


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