Educating for a better future – A training on methods for the socio-ecological transformation

26.10.2021  |  Call for applications

A training for trainers, educators, facilitators, and multipliers in youth work from Poland and Germany. Learn new methods for education for socio-ecological transformation!

Photo: Michał Żak

Would you like to address the climate crisis, resource overuse, social disparities or global justice in your educational work – but you do not really know how and where to start?
Are you already active in this field but feel that you keep repeating your standard methods, while you would like to learn new ones to enrich your personal toolbox?
Are you interested in sharing experiences, ideas and challenges with other interested educators?

Then join our Polish-German training for trainers on methods for the socio-ecological transformation! It is inspired by Education for Sustainable Development, Transformative Learning and Degrowth Education, and in particular based on a recently published methodological handbook (in Polish, download here, see page bottom): methods fostering growth criticism, questioning the over-use of resources and growing social inequalities, fostering empathy and addressing values and emotions. Let’s try out how to create awareness, open up for other perspectives and move towards action. Of course, your own method contributions are also very welcome!

The main focus will be on trying out methods, reflecting upon them and discussing what it needs to apply them to your own target groups. For anyone interested, this safe space also invites you to try out facilitating a method and get valuable feedback from the Polish-German group. Moreover, we will have time to reflect upon our roles as educators and have fun with energizers and socializing.

Trainers: Wojtek Mejor (Lepiej Trainers Collective, Warsaw) and Elisabeth Kremer (Kreisau-Initiative e. V., Berlin), trainers and co-authors of the handbook.

Language: English

Date: 25.-28.11.2021 (start 5 pm, end 2 pm)

Venue: The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe (Lower Silesia, Poland)

Participation fee: 80 EUR for participants living in Germany or 200 PLN for participants living in Poland. It includes accommodation and meals.

Funding: German-Polish Youth Office

Contact: Elisabeth Kremer (kremer [at]

Application deadline: 15.11.2021

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Note on the Covid-19 pandemic:
Adequate measures for the current situation will be taken and communicated to registered participants.

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