Together – wspólnie – miteinander we will get the Kreisau-Initiative through the crisis!

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kreisau-Initiative needs your support so that we can keep committing to the civic society in Europe.

Closed borders = cancelled projects = less money 

The coronavirus crisis affects our activities directly: All the events until the end of May have been cancelled. We know already that it is going to take a long time until we will be able to work as we used to. The Kreisau-Initiative lives off its time-limited and project-bounded funds. After each project, a small amount of the money remains, so that we can cover the wages of the staff. If projects get cancelled, we miss this money. That is why we need your support now so that we can keep our strength as a recognised European educational institution! 

Everyone on their own in Europe? No, we want solidarity! 

The coronavirus crisis puts at danger what we have been committing to for years: a Europe based on principles of solidarity, democracy, and openness. As the crisis unfolds, the borders have been closed, and solutions are being sought too often on the national level. Under the pretence of combating the pandemic, democracy and the rule of law in some countries have been in danger. And for many independent NGOs, this crisis could mean an end. The Kreisau-Initiative is active in an international network with partners from over 40 countries. Help us to maintain this network and build it up. Once the crisis is over, youth exchanges and joint initiatives will be more important than ever!

What you can do:

  • Support us with a donation: We are happy to receive any amount. We can use each donation reasonably.

  • Help us spread the word: For example, organise a donation action on Betterplace. Or talk to other persons about our work.

  • Become a member: We offer regular and supportive membership.

  • Support us in social media: Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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