Project description and objectives

The "GIRLS" project is the only youth exchange organised by the Kreisau-Initiative, in which only women participate (both participants and team members). It takes place approximately every second year and each time it has a different constellation of partner organizations coming from 3 or 4 countries.

The project aims to strengthen young women by creating space for the exchange of ideas and experiences on topics that bring together all female representatives. The project's themes revolve primarily around the way women are portrayed in the media and public space, but also the roles attributed to women in different environments. In addition, the participants work on their own voice and image/style. It is also planned to address the topic of women's mental health in the coming years. As part of the project, the participants take part in movement workshops, which are another element in the work strengthening the sense of femininity (e.g. Hula hoop, improvisation dance, Capoeira).

Partners and funders

We worked with the following institutions within the "GIRLS" project in the years 2016-2020:

Landkreis Dahme-Spreewald, Lübben, Germany

Polska Akademia Rozwoju, Poznań, Poland

Zespół Szkół Technicznych Nr. 2 im. Mariana Batko, Chorzów, Poland

Zespół Szkół Nr 5 im. Maksymiliana Tytus Hubera, Wałbrzych, Poland

Positive Life, Sibiu, Romania

Genç Hayat Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey

Ugosteljsko-turisticko ucilisteste, Zagreb, Croatia



The "GIRLS!" project is co-financed by the German-Polish Youth Office and the European Union's Erasmus+ programme.

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