Uprooted - (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II




The research and education project deals with the history of children abducted from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and other countries to Germany during world war II and forcibly germanised there. Their fate is still almost unknown today and many still do not know their roots.

By considering and showing the history of these forcibly abducted and uprooted children, we would like to encourage a confrontation with the racist and inhuman ideology of the National Socialists. Furthermore, we would like to advocate for raising awareness of the importance of children's rights.

The programme consists of a training course and a youth encounter. The training course is for teachers and trainers who want to expand their knowledge of stolen children in order to cover it in class or in other settings. During the youth encounter, youngsters learn about the stories of individual stolen children and go over to talking about violations of children's rights today.

On the programme website you can find learning materials, articles, and podcasts.

There is an exhibition on the history of stolen children that you may book and lend, along with a workshop.

The programme is a continuation of the project that was realised from 2021 to 2022.

Target groups

  • High school and university students
  • teachers and youth workers
  • Historians, social, cultural and political scientists & journalists
  • a broad interested public


Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Poland
Post Bellum, Czech Republic
Tolerspace, Ukraine


The first edition of the project was supported by the EVZ Foundation and the German Federal Ministry of Finance.

A project of the education agenda NS-Injustice from 2021 to 2022.

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