Mission statement

As committed citizens of the European continent, we support the integration of Europe and present day' Krzyżowa. Based on the Kreisau Circle and Central and Eastern Europe opposition movements' ideas, we connect people from various backgrounds through active remembrance, mutual perception, and constructive actions. 

What is important to us? 

Following values lie behind our work: 

  • mutual understanding in Europe built through active dealing with the history of resistance and opposition during the 20th century,
  • the individual sense of responsibility as the foundation for a democratic civil society in Europe,
  • ethical action respecting universal human rights,
  • inclusion and involvement of people from different social, national and ethnic backgrounds, of diverse age, gender, sexual orientation, political and religious beliefs, and disabilities.

Action-oriented education, learning by experience, and debating current political and social issues are characteristics of our educational approach.

What do we want to be? 

Kreisau-Initiative is an important partner of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe and a creative mind in the Krzyżowa network. We want to keep on being a vivid nongovernmental organisation, in which people from all over Germany can get involved. Furthermore, we want to deepen and broaden the connections between Krzyżowa and the civil society in Germany and Europe, inform the public about it, and win over decision-makers for our goals. We conduct our projects in close cooperation with the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe and develop contents and methods continuously. Our team is highly qualified; thus, funding and cooperating institutions can trust us. What's more, we are a recognised educational institution that realises innovative projects, also addressed at persons usually not included in international exchange programmes.

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