About us

The Kreisau-Initiative e. V. provides a space for education and encounter in which young people in particular can gain the skills they need to shape a European society that is characterized by democracy, solidarity and sustainability.

This space for education and encounter takes the form of international inclusive youth exchange programmes as well as training courses for educators and people who work with youngsters. The Initiative’s approach to education for young people is characterized by reference to the participants’ world, a hands-on orientation, learning by experiencing, and engagement with current political and social questions. At the core of its approach to adult education lie learning and improving skills, exchanging ideas, and networking. Contemporary history and human rights, inclusion and social-ecological transformation are central themes in its work.

The Kreisau-Initiative e. V. was founded in 1989 by people from both sides of the then still divided Berlin with the purpose of supporting the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa, Poland. Today, the centre is managed by the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, and both organizations cooperate closely – nearly 80% of the Initiative’s events take place in Krzyżowa. In addition to that, the Kreisau-Initiative e. V. is a leading participant in a network of partner organizations from over 20 European countries and also serves as a partner to the European Commission in implementing the EU Youth Strategy. This is indicative of the educational work of the Kreisau-Initiative e. V., combining a European character with a focus on Polish-German cooperation.

The staff develops and conducts all of the activities. The board manages the organisation on a voluntary basis.

Kreisau-Initiative e. V.
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Tel.: +49 (0)30 / 53 83 63 63

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