The power within us. Methods for resource-oriented work with young people

25.04.2023  |  Projektausschreibung

Discovering one's own sources of strength can be a powerful tool for navigating difficult situations and overcoming challenges, especially for young people who may be going through a difficult phase in their lives or facing tough issues. Encouraging young people to explore and identify their strengths can support them develop a sense of self-awareness, self-confidence and overall well-being which can, in turn, help them navigate the challenges they may face. The training “The Power Within Us” invites European youth workers, educators, facilitators, and teachers to explore creative methods that support them in discovering their own strengths and potential, while also equipping them with tools, competencies and resources to use and share with young people.

Venue: Gutshaus Ramin (

Date: 10.-15.05.2023

Aims of the training:

  • to enhance youth workers' competencies in using resource-oriented methods;
  • to learn creative concepts and methods that can support youth workers and young people in developing important skills and competencies for their personal and professional lives;
  • to explore educational approaches that can encourage empowerment, self-determination, and creativity in youth work; 
  • to explore educational approaches that can support resilience building by focusing on strengths, resources, and the development of coping strategies;
  • to reflect on how the lessons learned in the seminar can be applied in the participants' work with young people;
  • to provide ongoing professional development opportunities and resources for youth workers to promote and support mental health in their work with young people.
  • to meet and connect with people from different cultural backgrounds who share an interest in the topic of mental health


The programme is designed to equip youth workers with a foundational knowledge of three effective creative techniques for enhancing available resources. Through interactive workshop sessions, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with various creative tools and develop the skills needed to implement them in their own pedagogical work. The participants will receive coaching based on the principle of "self-experience. This means that all the knowledge and skills they will eventually pass on to others have been gained through their own personal experience.

In addition to a comprehensive introduction, the training will be focusing on exploring the following approaches:

  • Creative biographical writing:
    Introduction and exploring techniques like Ecriture automatique, cluster, ABC-Darium, biografical writing etc.
    Aims of this workshop/aims for youth work:
    Identity formation, empowerment, self-discovery, strengthening self-expression, personal growth, encouraging communication, empathy and understanding;
  • Free Voice - Free Mind:
    Introduction and exploring techniques of voice pedagogy through methods of Kirstin Linklater, Roy Hart, the  Grotowski physical theatre etc.
    Aims of this workshop / aims for youth work:
    Enhancing self-awareness, improving communication skills, building confidence, fostering creativity, reducing stress and anxiety and promote relaxation;
  • Deviced theatre/biographical-documentary theatre:
    Introduction and exploring exercises, working with biographical moments in motion etc.
    Aims of this workshop / aims for youth work:
    Fostering creativity and imagination, Developing collaboration and communication skills, Building confidence and self-expression, promoting critical thinking, exploring social and cultural issues, developing performance skills;

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Requirements for participation

  • Are you active in youth work or motivated to expand on your knowledge about resource-oriented approaches in youth work? Are you interested in the topic and youth work, but have never done it before? Either way, we invite you to apply!
  • We value diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and work fields. Don’t hesitate to get in touch the project coordinator (kosek [at] to find out more about the project.
  • However, there are a few conditions:
  • You need to be an adult (18 years upwards)
  • You need to live in a country of the European Union. Citizenship in this countries is not a precondition.
  • Since the training is going to be held in English, a good level of English is required.
  • In our activities we support the principle of a safer space, where no one is discriminated or bullied because of their background or person. We ask you to respect the same principle.

 In the process of selection of participants, priority will be given to people who:

  • have prior experience working with young people, or are currently working with them, and particularly with young people with a disadvantaged background (people experiencing geographical, social, economic, cultural, educational barriers)
  • are motivated to integrate lessons learned from this training in their work with young people
  • are experiencing geographical, social, economic, cultural, educational barriers (e.g. LGBTQI, BIPOC, Roma, immigrants, lower income, rural areas, single parents, disabilities, obstacles in access to education etc.)


We want to enable the participation of people with all kinds of abilities. We will try to adjust the venue, our methodology or try to provide support systems which are needed. Knowing your individual needs will help us to provide the needed support. Use the application form or contact us directly (Elzbieta Kosek: kosek [at]

Accommodation and food

  • Participants will be accommodated in shared rooms of 2-4 people.
  • The venue offers full board. You can choose food requirements in the application form.

Health & Travel insurance

You are responsible for your own insurance.

Participation fee

50 Euro per Person

Money shouldn´t be an obstacle to participating. Please contact us, if you need an adjustment to this payment (kosek [at]

Travel costs

The travel costs will be reimbursed based on real costs based on the payment receipt and boarding passes/tickets. The maximum reimbursement is defined by the funding rules of the European Erasmus+ programme. Please contact us before booking, so we can plan your trip in the best way for you and us.
As Ramin is a small village, we will support with shuttle services, if possible.
If you need to fly, Berlin (Germany) or Stettin (Poland) are the closest airports. The nearest train station in Germany is the small town Grambow (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)
We strive to make the world a little bit greener. We encourage you to consider travelling on land as much as possible.

Main trainers:

Edyta Rogowska is a sociologist and musician. Over the years, she has honed her expertise in voice pedagogy, drawing inspiration from various theatre-voice methods such as Roy Hart, Kirsten Linklater, and Grotowski (Zygmunt Molik). Since 2013, Edyta has facilitated creative, artistic, political, and cultural workshops, including international youth projects, inclusion projects, and projects in adult education. She has also co-organized festivals and artistic meetings, and has worked with Brama Theatre from Goleniów.
From 2013 to 2018, Edyta led the music band Two Times Twice. Since 2019, she is leading the music project Duxius.

Thomas Avenhaus is an experienced copywriter, concept developer, and creative director with 25 years of experience in the communications industry. He holds a degree in Theatre Studies from the Free University of Berlin and has acquired numerous presentation skills in addition to writing.
Thomas has recently completed a Master's degree in Biographical-Creative Writing from the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences and is currently undergoing further training in Documentary-Biographical Theatre Work at the Berlin University of the Arts.
In addition to his academic pursuits, Thomas leads workshops on social issues with international young people. He also conducts specialized text and writing workshops for institutions such as the public relations departments of the German Children and Youth Foundation, the Berlin Senate or the Jewish Museum Berlin.

Deadline for applying: May 4th, 2023

We will contact you as soon as possible after the application to let you know, if you have been selected in order to prepare your journey to/from the venue.

Apply now


Please contact the project coordinator Elżbieta Kosek (Kosek [at]

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