Seminar "Uprooted" - (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II"

07.10.2022  |  Projektausschreibung

Join our seminar for teachers and educators from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine

Time: 07.-10.11.2022
Place: Kreisau/Krzyżowa, Poland

Language: English

The seminar is part of the project „Uprooted – (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II“. The project deals with children who were kidnapped from Poland, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine and other countries to Germany during World War II and who were forcibly aryanized. Their fate is still almost unknown today and many still do not know their roots.

By dealing with the history of these children who were forcibly abducted and uprooted, we would like to encourage an examination of the racist and inhuman ideology of the National Socialists. In addition, we would like to campaign for raising awareness of the importance of children's rights.

Besides a comprehensive introduction into the topic the following seminar sessions will be offered: 

  • How to use the activity plans, the timeline and other educations materials in our own work context
  • Trauma-sensitive approach in teaching about uprooted children
  • How to record witness testimonies,
  • Educational approaches to use the exhibition „Uprooted“
  • Open Space for the participants to exchange ideas and methods.

Aims of the training

  • enhance the participant’s understanding of the topic of stolen children during World War II,
  • provide educational materials and methods to work on the topic,
  • networking between participants.

Participants’ profile
20 teachers, educators, and facilitators from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine.

Participation fee
No fee. 

Travel costs
Thanks to the funding, we can reimburse your travel costs up to 50% (money shouldn’t be a barrier to participation, so please contact us in case you face challenges here). Details regarding the travel planning will be sent after the participation has been confirmed.

The training is part of the project „Uprooted – (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II“ funded by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” (EVZ) and the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).

How to apply
We value a diverse and balanced group composition. Participation needs to be confirmed by us by email.

Apply now by filling in the form:

More information
If you have any questions about the seminar, please contact Nina Lüders,


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