Join us: international youth meeting on social and environmental change

06.03.2023  |  Projektausschreibung

The project "Local in Global: Time for Change!" gives you the opportunity to join forces with other activists and learn how to bring about a sustainable change in your community.

Do you feel responsible for the world around you? Are you worried about climate catastrophe? Are you curious about environmental activism, sustainability, or simply want to contribute to a socio-ecological transformation?

We are inviting you to a youth meeting with a focus on providing practical knowledge and skills for living and acting in times of change and creating a nourishing environment for cooperation within your local community. Join us to explore what you can do to make a positive impact and work towards a sustainable future.

The programme is a supportive space designed to empower you to make a positive impact in your community. In addition to hands-on activities, we will provide a platform for you to connect with young people from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds. You will have the opportunity to learn from each other and broaden your perspectives through sharing experiences.

Who can participate:
28 young people from Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany and Poland

Your trainers:
Liubov Shynder and Wojtek Mejor, Warsaw-based trainers and activists, working in a sustainable and anti-burn-out approach to group work

How are we going to be learning:
To engage participants’ brains, hearts, and bodies we will use a variety of methodological approaches such as inputs, discussions, reflections, nature connection, movement, excursion, games, and others. The training language will be English. The trainers will provide a programme before the event starts.

When and where: 
International Youth Meeting Centre Krzyżowa
April 24 – April 30, 2023

The participation fee includes full-board accommodation, the programme and the excursion. It’s based on a sliding scale, i.e. participants pay according to their financial means. Proof is not required. Sliding Scales:
 Participants from Armenia and Bulgaria: 10€ - 30€
 Participants from Poland: 30€ - 50€
 Participants from Germany: 80€ - 150€

You can sign up with your country coordinator: 
Sofie Koscholke (Project coordinator Kreisau-Initiative)
+49 1567 88 56 507

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