Donation campaign for refugees

The situation for the people travelling through Southeast Europe while escaping the war endangered regions is becoming ever more tense and difficult. Our crowdfunding campaign is aimed to encourage solidarity with the displaced people on a practical... Read more

Invitation to our discussion event on December 7

On the 7th of December the Kreisau-Initiative e.V. organises a discussion event about its topic of the year "Borders without Dignity – Dignity without Boundaries". The event offers an opportunity to talk to people working with refugees and to... Read more


29 November

Building Bridges: Media

Our international and inclusive youth encounter for participants living in Germany, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic begins in Krzyżowa. This time, it focuses on media. Read more
22 February

MICC University

Our international project Model International Crminal Court (MICC) University starts in Krzyżowa. MICC University simulates a fictional case dealing with current dilemmas of international criminal law. Read more

About us

The Kreisau-Initiative was founded in 1989 by East and West Berliners in order to support the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa, Poland. We organise youth encounters, workshops, trainings and conferences for different target groups. Our projects are international with participants coming from all over the world, belonging to different generations and having different educational and social backgrounds. Thematically, they fall into the fields of contemporary history and human rights, inclusive education, sustainability and intergenerational dialogue. Read more


Ole Jantschek


Ole Jantschek has been a member of the board since 2009 and chair of the association since 2011. From 2011 to 2014 he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding and currently represents the... Read more

Patryk Grudziński

Project Coordinator

Patryk Grudziński studied Peace Studies and International Politics in Tübingen and Haifa. He has been with the Kreisau-Initiative since September 2014. He coordinates projects within the field Sustainability and Intergenerational Dialogue. Read more

Nina Lüders

Executive Director Programme Manager

Nina Lüders studied Political Science in Hamburg, Poznań and Berlin. She became a Project Coordinator for the Kreisau-Initiative in 2009 and since 2014 she is its Executive Director. She coordinates the field Contemporary History and Human Rights. Read more

Mareike Mischke

Project Coordinator

Mareike Mischke studied European Ethnology and Historical Sciences in Berlin and Wrocław. She has been working for the Kreisua-Initiative since January 2013. She coordinates projects in the field Inclusion. Read more

Annemarie Cordes

Board Member

Annemarie Cordes is a sociologist with many years of experience in the field of international youth exchange. From 1982 to 1990 she was the Youth education officer of the Protestant Youth Educational Centre Haus Kreisau in Berlin. From 1989 to 2011... Read more

Carolin Wenzel

Project Coordinator

Carolin Wenzel has studied Integrated European Studies as well as Culture and History of Central and Eastern Europe in Bremen, Kraków and Frankfurt (Oder). She has been working for the Kreisau-Initiative since March 2011. She coordinates projects... Read more

Michalina Golinczak

Public Relations Officer

Michalina Golinczak studied Cultural Studies in Wrocław (Poland) and Freiburg (Germany). In 2010/2011 she spent a year as an EVS volunteer at the Kreisau-Initiative. She returned to our team in June 2014. Read more


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