Call for donations


Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all those who are committed to the Kreisau Initiative and support it – either as one of the 170 members or with donations. The activities in and around Kreisau would not have been possible without your confidence in our work and your support!

We hope that you will continue to support us.

As the sponsors of Kreisau we would like:

  • to continue managing the liaison office of the Kreisau Foundation with a number of young committed staff members

  • to continue with our regular activities, e.g., information transfer, contact arrangements, events, maintenance of the travelling exhibition

  • to promote youth projects with East European participants

  • to increase public awareness in Germany about Kreisau and its historical background with the aid of the exhibition “Living in Truth" ("In der Wahrheit leben”)

  • to continue working on the expansion of the Freya von Moltke Foundation for the New Kreisau

You can support us by becoming a member of our organization. Generating interest in Kreisau and membership of the Kreisau Initiative Berlin e.V. among your friends and acquaintances, public figures or personalities in local communities is another way of supporting us. We would be glad to compile the necessary information leaflets.

You would like to help? Please contact us if you are interested in supporting us in a voluntary capacity.

Meike Völker is our treasurer. She will provide you with all the information you need about membership, sponsor membership and possible tax benefits.

You can transfer your donations directly – perhaps even a standing order. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes by return.


Thank you!


Kreisau-Initiative e.V.
Meike Völker

Buchwaldzeile 32
14089 Berlin

phone/fax: +49-30-3 61 01 84

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We will be pleased to send you a donation receipt!