Call for applications

Local in Global: Prosperity without Growth?

How can there be a good life for all within the ecological limits of our planet? That is the guiding question of the international training "Local in Global: Prosperity without Growth?", which will take place in Krzyżowa from February 21st to 28th.... Read more

Europe under Construction: Poetry Slam Competition

We invite people living in Poland or Germany to develop a new vision for Europe together with us. What would you like to change? What has to be done? In which kind of Europe do you want to live? Participate in our poetry slam competition and tell us... Read more


01 May

Kreisauer Modell: Theater und Bewegung

Vom 1. bis zum 6. Mai findet in Kreisau/Krzyżowa unser internationales Training zur inklusiven Bildungsarbeit mit Schwerpunkt Theater statt. Es richtet sich an Akteure*innen der (inter)nationalen Jugendarbeit, Lehrer*innen, Sonder- und... Read more
07 May


Vom 7. bis zum 12. Mai findet in Kreisau/Krzyżowa unsere deutsch-polnische Jugendbegegnung Fachaustausch statt. Das Projekt bietet jungen Menschen ab 16 Jahren die Möglichkeit, erste berufspraktische Erfahrungen zu sammeln und gleichzeitig an einer... Read more
13 May


Vom 13. bis 20. Mai findet in Kreisau/Krzyżowa das internationale Betzavta-Training "Democracy in Action – From the Personal to the Political" statt. Es arbeitet mit einer besonderen Methode des Demokratielernens und verknüpft dabei inhaltliche... Read more
25 May

Kreisau-Initiative auf dem Markt der Möglichkeiten

Vom 24.–28. Mai findet in Berlin und Wittenberg der 36. Deutsche Evangelische Kirchentag statt. Zusammen mit unseren Partnerorganisationen, der Stiftung Kreisau für Europäische Verständigung und der Freya von Moltke-Stiftung, werden wir auf dem Markt... Read more

About us

The Kreisau-Initiative was founded in 1989 by East and West Berliners in order to support the set-up and maintenance of an international youth meeting centre in Krzyżowa, Poland. We organise youth encounters, workshops, trainings and conferences for different target groups. Our projects are international with participants coming from all over the world, belonging to different generations and having different educational and social backgrounds. Thematically, they fall into the fields of contemporary history and human rights, inclusive education, sustainability and intergenerational dialogue. Read more


Ole Jantschek


Ole Jantschek has been a member of the board since 2009 and chair of the association since 2011. From 2011 to 2014 he was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding and currently represents the... Read more

Patryk Grudziński

Project Coordinator

Patryk Grudziński studied Peace Studies and International Politics in Tübingen and Haifa. He has been with the Kreisau-Initiative since September 2014. He coordinates projects within the field Social-Ecological Transformation. Read more

Elżbieta Kosek

Deputy Executive Director Programme Manager

Elżbieta Kosek studied Economy in Berlin and Media Pedagogy in Rostock. From 2007 to 2012 she worked as a Programme Manager in the International Youth Center in Krzyżowa. In January 2013 she started her work for the Kreisau-Initiative. She... Read more

Nina Lüders

Executive Director Programme Manager

Nina Lüders studied Political Science. She became a Project Coordinator for the Kreisau-Initiative in 2009 and since 2014 she is its Executive Director. She coordinates the field Contemporary History and Human Rights. Read more

Michalina Golinczak

Public Relations Officer

Michalina Golinczak studied Cultural Studies in Wrocław (Poland) and Freiburg (Germany). In 2010/2011 she spent a year as an EVS volunteer at the Kreisau-Initiative. She returned to our team in June 2014. Read more


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